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How to Wake Up From the Trance of Unworthiness

The Lesson: “Though we’re rarely conscious of it, we continually evaluate ourselves—and are convinced that something is wrong with us.” In this audio session, acclaimed psychotherapist and Buddhist practitioner Tara Brach takes us through the process of waking up from a mental state we might not realize we’re caught up in; and once we can let go of constant self-judgement, we can actually live up to our potential. Join her as she explores the factors which lead to the trance of unworthiness, how we can identify it as it happens, break free of the cycle of self-doubt, and—most importantly—develop trust in our own natural inner goodness. Notable Excerpt: “I’ve found that usually there’s a gap between our standard of how we should be, and our own...

Listen to How He Overcame His Fear of Germs After His Brother’s Daring Gesture in NYC (MOTH Monday)

Today is MOTH Monday on Good News Network: In partnership with The Moth, a nonprofit dedicated to the art of storytelling, we bring you the most uplifting speakers from live stages across the world. Kevin McAuliffe was terrified of germs – so imagine how anxious he became when his parents told him they were sending him to New York City to spend the weekend with his older brother. Despite his trepidation over visiting the “place where germs are born”, McAuliffe didn’t want to disappoint his parents; so he packed his bags and boarded the train. After he arrived at his brother’s apartment, however, he was given an unexpected lesson in bravery when his brother made him face the muck and mire of the city. Listen to his inspiring story...