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Startup Builds 3 Huge Indoor Farms in Appalachia Turning Coal Country into Agricultural Hub

An Appalachia-based company that’s building the world’s largest indoor farms just delivered their first harvest—beefsteak tomatoes—to grocery stores like Walmart and Kroger. AppHarvest The Kentucky-based company known for its focus on restoring economically-suffering communities in former coal country recently went public, and gained home economics legend Martha Stewart as a board member. With several facilities already producing fruits and vegetables, AppHarvest is set to become a national leader in alternative farming through their cutting edge indoor technology that saves space, recycles water, and produces 30 times more food than a conventional farm. Their Morehead Kentucky headquarters can grow 45 million pounds of non-GMO, chemical pesticide-free tomatoes annually, while the indoor facility—which uses recycled rainwater—allows them to grow year-round, unimpeded by the burden of the seasons. “AppHarvest’s high-tech, sustainable approach is...

This Hacker Built a Vending Machine for Crows as an Ingenious Response to a Cocktail Party Argument

The Lesson: A strange experiment in wildlife behavior turned into a jaw-dropping lesson on the importance of reassessing our predispositions towards new ideas. In this presentation, Joshua Klein talks about how building a vending machine locators for crows has helped to teach people about the empowerment of embracing diversity—particularly biological diversity—as we navigate the ever-changing world together with our animal counterparts. Notable Excerpt: “It turns out, we’ve been finding more and more that crows are really intelligent. Their brains are in the same proportion as chimpanzee brains are. There’s all kinds of anecdotes for the different kinds of intelligence they have. For example, in Sweden, crows will wait for fishermen to drop lines through holes in the ice. And when the fishermen move off, the...