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Man’s Sweet Story About What He Learned From Being Too Afraid to Approach Jackie Chan

Listen to this heartwarming tale of a little boy’s dream come true in this week’s edition of MOTH Monday, a partnership with Good News Network that features inspiring videos from The MOTH, a nonprofit group showcasing the art of storytelling. When Kwong Yue Yang was a little boy in school, he spent ages trying to figure out how to get his classmates to think he was cool. He finally came up with the perfect plan to win over his classmates after he heard that Jackie Chan was visiting a restaurant in his Australian hometown. Unfortunately, Yang failed to muster up the courage to introduce himself to his kung fu hero; but as he struggled with his own desperation and fear in the restaurant, he ended up learning a very...

Why Professor Says There Can Be ‘Good News and Bad News’ With Computer Crash Erasing Student’s Work

Today is MOTH Monday on Good News Network: In partnership with The Moth, a nonprofit dedicated to the art of storytelling, we bring you the most uplifting speakers from live stages across the world. This college professor knows how students often tend to wait until the last minute to finish their school papers. She also knows that in the age of technology, if a computer crashes at the last minute, all the last-minute work could be lost in an instant, leaving the student with an epic excuse for missing a deadline. Though she admits that she is generally pretty harsh on her students and their excuses, Catherine Palmer tells a live audience at The Moth about what happened when she, herself, lost a research paper after her computer’s...

Hear How Man Gave Up High-Paying Job, His Car and House, to Work With Homeless Teens–And He Couldn’t Be Happier

The Speaker: Mark Redmond was a finance major in college and working in a corporate job on Madison Avenue when he was 23. He had it all: a high paying job, a studio apartment near Park Avenue, nice suits and car. Little did he know that fate would intervene after he decided to volunteer once per week at Covenant House — a shelter for homeless teenage boys in New York City. Notable Excerpt: “My family was apoplectic, my coworkers couldn’t understand it… but I knew this was what I should be doing with my life, so I quit my job, gave my car to my brother, and gave my suits to Goodwill.” “It felt like I was doing a crazy thing. It was as if I was...