Come together with all your faith, to embark on this journey towards a complete transformation with a systematic approach towards spirituality.
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Transform Your Life

Sarathi Wellness strongly believes that the synchronization of mind, body and soul can enhance the human possibilities and attainment of goals. We aim to correct the energy imbalances of every human being and to get them connected with well experienced facilitators from diverse backgrounds as we firmly believe in the old saying, `` a sound mind in a sound body``.


Heal. Evolve. Transcend

Follow us and stay connected if life is troubling you and you are seeking spiritual help. You will get a specific course for your spiritual journey to deal with the acute and long term stressful situations of your life.

Founder Swami Bharti

Swami Bharti aka Gaurav Narang was a successful businessman in real estate sector. But he faced extreme stress and unacceptable circumstances. He took up meditation as a solution and it completely changed his life. He quit realty business and started learning different meditations. He begin exploring more healing tools to live life happily. After explore he thought to share these knowledge with community. Where Sarathi Wellness was born as a result. Today Swami Bharti is on a commitment to spread awareness of spiritual well-being programs.

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