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Tim Shriver Debuts 24-Hour Streaming Show to Unite the World – Good News Gurus Ep. #8

The Good News Gurus podcast invited a special guest on the show—Timothy Shriver—after hearing about the global LIVE streaming show he has organized for Friday, May 1. Shriver, the CEO and Chairman of Special Olympics, talked about The Call to Unite, a 24-hour event that will feature 200 inspiring leaders and entertainers, like Oprah, Yo-Yo Ma, Deepak Chopra, Common, Jennifer Garner, Maria Shriver, Rick Warren, Julia Roberts, David Brooks, Eckhart Tolle, and Josh Groban. CLICK to Listen: The podcast also includes a lightening round of good news for the week of April 28. REVIEW and Subscribe to the show on iTunes—or Podbean, or on Spotify. EMAIL us to be on the show or share good news: [email protected] SIGN UP for the Good News Morning Jolt email: gnn.to/jolt SHARE the Good News, and The Call To...

3 Ways to Deal With the Anxiety of a New Situation – Those FFTs of Life (‘Effing First Times)

The Lesson: If you have been stressing out amidst the chaos of quarantine, then you may need to listen to this podcast about FFTs (“’effing first times!”)—that is, how hard it is to be new at things, from small incidents to global pandemics. When we have no relevant experience or expertise, the vulnerability, uncertainty, and fear of these firsts can be overwhelming—but showing up and pushing ourselves past the awkward, learner stage is how we get braver. Notable Excerpt: “This pandemic experience is a massive experiment in collective vulnerability. We can be our worst selves when we’re afraid, or our very best, bravest selves. In the context of fear and vulnerability, there is often very little in between because when we are uncertain and afraid our...

Interview with the Amazing Emmanuel Kelly, Plus the Top Good News of the Week (Ep.#6) – GNN Podcast

We’ve got all the inspiring good news of the day, plus our guest, Emmanuel Kelly, the Australian singer whose new video ‘Never Alone’ featuring Chris Martin, Claude Van Damme, and gobs of celebrities, drops on Monday. His amazing story of being left to die in a shoebox as a baby in war-torn Iraq and rescue by a blonde angel is the stuff of Hollywood films. Listen to his story (and follow him on Facebook), and also hear Geri discuss the option of ‘unschooling’ your kids at home—if homeschooling isn’t working out… LISTEN and Subscribe to the show on iTunes—or Podbean, or on Spotify. EMAIL us to be on the show or share good news: [email protected] SUBSCRIBE to the Good News Morning Jolt email: gnn.to/jolt Pre-pandemic photo ...