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Entire School Wears Yellow to Welcome New Student and Honor Her Late Friend on 1-Year Anniversary

When Megan moved to a new school and members of her new drill team learned about the loss she endured one year ago, they rallied the entire high school to comfort her—and honor her fallen friend… Hear our Good News Guru tell the heartwarming story on the radio in Los Angeles—during the October 4, 2019 Ellen K. Morning Show on KOST-103.5. SEE the full story with photos on GNN… Subscribe, Rate, and Review our Good News Gurus podcast on iTunes, or for Android devices on Podbean. Check Out our Summer Sale and get 20% off–plus Free Shipping–on the Good News Book, a GREAT Gift.  ...

Man’s Sweet Story About What He Learned From Being Too Afraid to Approach Jackie Chan

Listen to this heartwarming tale of a little boy’s dream come true in this week’s edition of MOTH Monday, a partnership with Good News Network that features inspiring videos from The MOTH, a nonprofit group showcasing the art of storytelling. When Kwong Yue Yang was a little boy in school, he spent ages trying to figure out how to get his classmates to think he was cool. He finally came up with the perfect plan to win over his classmates after he heard that Jackie Chan was visiting a restaurant in his Australian hometown. Unfortunately, Yang failed to muster up the courage to introduce himself to his kung fu hero; but as he struggled with his own desperation and fear in the restaurant, he ended up learning a very...